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Reading On...

Writers Read! Here's a list of what my eyes and ears have been treating me to... Maybe you will find something to enjoy! I will work to keep this list updated...

Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series- pure escapism- my first foray into mysteries

The Outlander Series- (book research!)

Marilynne Robinson- Jack- favorite author

Robin Oliveira- I Always Loved You- A story of Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas

Jennifer Chiaverini- The Quilter’s Apprentice

Paulette Jiles- Simon the Fiddler- another great story by Jiles- Civil War era

Lisa Wingate- The Book of Lost Friends- another post-Civil War historical fiction

Ashley Sweeney- Answer Creek- a woman’s survival in the 1840s of the ill-fated Donner Party’s trek west.

Marlena Madura Baraf- At the Narrow Waist of the World- a memoir of a Jewish family in mid-20th century Panama.

Jon Cohen- Harry’s Trees- a sweet contemporary novel of loss and love… and trees!

Sally Cole-Misch, The Best Part of Us- a beautiful story of Canadian wilderness, native culture, family, loss and love.

Barack Obama- A Promised Land..

Judithe Little- The Chanel Sisters: A Novel

Eileen Sanchez- Freedom Lessons- a teacher’s experience in 1970s desegregating South

Elena Schwolsky- Waking in Havana: A Memoir of AIDS and healing in Cuba


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