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Even in Darkness

Hard Cider

A Notable Michigan Book-Traverse Cty Record-Eagle

Abbie Rose Stone’s acquired wisdom runs deep, and so do her scars. She has

successfully navigated the shoals of a long marriage, infertility, challenging children

and a career. Now it’s her turn to fulfill her dream of producing hard apple cider

along the northern shores of Lake Michigan that she loves. She resists new versions

of the old pull of family dynamics that threaten to derail her plan, but nothing can

protect Abbie from the shock a lovely young stranger delivers when she exposes a

long-held secret. Abbie must overcome circumstances that severely test her self-determination, her loyalties, and her understanding of who constitutes her true


  • Praise for Hard Cider...

  • In this absorbing and thoughtful novel, the alchemy of turning apples into hard cider becomes a potent metaphor for the way in which time blends and distills the characters into a family. Jessica Levine, author 

  • I just flew through Barbara Stark Nemon’s new novel Hard Cider. Well written, with loving descriptions of northern Michigan, Caitlin Hicks, author 

  • Hard Cider is easy to love. Gayle Brandeis, poet, essayist, and award winning author of The Art of Misdiagnosis

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