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What is Chirp, and How can I Shop There?

Audiobook fans! Here is a gift to you that will last the whole year! Chirp is a relatively new platform that features a wide variety of audiobooks at deeply discounted prices with no subscription requirement or costs. If you are familiar with BookBub and the great deals you can get there on e-books, Chirp is the audiobook version.

How it works

1. Create a free account and indicate what kind of audiobooks you like.

2. You will begin to get personalized email recommendations for audiobooks at great prices with no obligation to purchase.

3. Stream or download audiobooks you purchase using the free app for iOS or android. Gift cards available..

4. Each day there are new deals with up to 95% discount.

The award winning audiobook of Even in Darkness

will be a featured deal at Chirp on December 23!


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