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A Writer's Writer Website Sampler

On days when it feels like a gift to write just one sentence, it might seem frivolous, or even counterproductive, to spend precious writing moments perusing writer websites. Not so. Whether for encouragement, a writer’s craft suggestion for a way out of a blind alley or simply the opportunity to place yourself amidst well written words from a knowledgeable colleague, visiting good websites about writing can be time well spent.

Here is the first of what I hope will become occasional posts to share my go-to writer’s websites.


Andi Cumbo-Floyd’s website is the first writer’s site I subscribed to. Lured by the promise of 15 daily grammar lessons while I was in the midst of proofreading my novel, I became enamored of Andi’s broad ranging coverage of her writing and reading life, her site full of the visual appeal of a fiber artist and photographer, and the well considered words of a poet, essayist, book reviewer, editor and author of The Slaves Have Names. There’s a lot to learn about the written word, and I can escape to the farm with Andi and be reminded that all is well, even when it isn’t.

My most recent find is the writing blog, The Quivering Pen. It’s worth mentioning that I found David Abrams through twitter, a new and still-awkward addition to my writing life. David hosts #Sundaysentences, which invites readers to tweet the best sentence they’ve read that week. That hooked me right away, and when I wanted to learn more than 140 characters about David, I went to his blog, and found a wealth of information about books, writers, publishing, book trailers, independent book stores, and writing opportunities.

Then I found that David Abrams and I share a favorite book: Anthony Doer’s All the Light We Cannot See, and that this former U.S. Army journalist has written his own stories and the novel, Fobbit. As a military mom, (one Tomb Guard, one Coastie) I have a particular place in my heart for those who write about the modern military experience in all its complexity. More still is to be found at this generous writer’s website. Finally, as a debut novelist, I can only hope that Even in Darkness’ reviewers in the coming months heed John Updike’s rules for reviewing books as posted at The Quivering Pen.

Erika Dreifus describes herself as writer, reader, reviewer, and resource maven. I regularly visit both her blogs, Practicing Writing and My Machberet (Hebrew for My Notebook). I receive newsletters from each one. Dreifus has also written her own collection of stories, Quiet Americans. These stories challenge the assumptions we make about good and evil and the complexity of lives and relationships among those who lived and survived the Holocaust, and those who inherited their legacies. As an author who shares consideration of these particular conundrums in my work, it’s a gift to read her stories and her thoughtful insights on the craft and business of writing. Dreifus’ website also includes practical resources such as lists of publications willing to pay for fiction, and various observations Dreyfus makes on her own works in progress.

Well here they are, three writer’s websites that give far more than they take in time for this writer.

How about your favorites? Let me know which writers’ websites or blogs inspire you! Send me a message through the “contact” button above, or tweet me at @bstarknemon or leave a post at my author page on Facebook.

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