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This is About All of Humanity

Your intrepid author recently began using the social media platform, Instagram. The following is a comment that appeared on a post I did on remembering Klare and Even in Darkness for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Your book provided the motivation for me to finally visit The Holocaust Museum which is 2 miles from our Arlington house. I knew and had read about the Holocaust and attended a school where, at age 16, we were shown the Allied films of the liberated camps. I didn’t think I could, yet again, face the grim reality.But your book let me do it and I am very glad the Holocaust Museum exists in our country. It is needed now more than ever. Btw, I am not Jewish.. this is about all of humanity.

Words cannot express how much this comment means to me, as an author, as a child of Holocaust survivors, a strong supporter of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and as a caring human being. Thank you so very much, reader Marcia Mabee.

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