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Something I Thought I'd NEVER do!

It’s a rainy last day in September and I am barreling up I-75 toward the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a 27 foot RV. (Well, barreling might be an exaggeration!) Delivered yesterday by its young owner to our driveway in Ann Arbor, the Winnebago required an hour-long orientation and four subsequent hours of loading food, clothing, bedding, cookware, and essential incidentals… computer, this morning’s New York Times, books, knitting, (3 projects), i-pad, kindle, toiletries. This constitutes my maiden voyage with this type of travel. I’ve driven a mail truck, a 40-foot sailboat, and an F150 pickup, but never an RV. I’ve camped in tents, driven across the country in a tricked-out VW van, anchored for days on end in wilderness waters, but never driven the backroads in a self-contained motor vehicle with hookups for all the creature comforts. There’s even a TV. This is a test– to see how we like traveling this way, to experiment on a short journey in anticipation of fulfilling a longer-term fantasy of RV-

ing across the country, writing, hiking, biking, and seeing so many spots along the backroads of America. Stay tuned!

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