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Twitter genius! @sheiladeeth

Sheila Deeth- a twitter genius.

I am not a twitter genius. Thank the guy in the sky that Sheila Deeth is. If I spent all day, I couldn’t have come up with better tweets than Sheila has to feature the interesting and important aspects of Even in Darkness, all derived from her gracious Q&A blog post “Light- Even in Darkness” Here are her great tweets! Thank you @sheiladeeth! Thank you @PRbytheBook for setting up this blog tour. More fun to come! (Don't you love Sheila's Coffee for Book Reviews rating? Check out her blog regularly...

How would you choose between writing ‪#memoir or ‪#fiction ? ‪@bstarknemon, ‪@prbythebook ‪#evenindarkness

Turning hard questions into powerful ‪#fiction ‪… ‪@bstarknemon, ‪@prbythebook ‪#evenindarkness

Faith, music, and persecution... ‪#Interview with ‪#author … ‪@bstarknemon, ‪@prbythebook ‪#evenindarkness

Can a novel also be a tribute? ‪@bstarknemon, ‪@prbythebook ‪#evenindarkness

Meet a Palestine pioneer in historical letters... ‪ … ‪@bstarknemon, ‪@prbythebook ‪#evenindarkness

‪#Holocaust‪ survival inspires #author to create a legacy … @bstarknemon, @prbythebook #evenindarkness

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