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Hard Cider

Even in Darkness 

Spanning a century and three continents, Even in Darkness tells the story of Kläre Kohler, whose early years as a dutiful daughter of a prosperous German-Jewish family hardly anticipate the often harrowing life she faces as an adult- a saga of family, a lover, two world wars, a concentration camp, and the unconventional life Kläre builds in post-war Germany.  As the world changes around her, Kläre’s choices cross boundaries in order to protect the people she loves – and to save herself.

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Hard Cider

Abbie Rose Stone believes she has navigated the shoals of her long marriage and complicated family and is eager to realize her dream of producing hard apple cider along the northern shores of Lake Michigan. When a lovely young stranger exposes a long-held secret, Abbie’s plans, loyalties, and definition of family are severely tested.

"I think this is a wonderful book—tightly wrought, full of gorgeous imagery, beautifully paced, multifaceted, and suspenseful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. "

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... a brilliant novel about a woman's journey, reaching for her dreams in the third chapter of her life while navigating her relationships... Emily...

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