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Sign Fun!

What happens when a writer embarks on a bucket-list trip to far away New Zealand for a month of sightseeing, visiting (author) friends, hiking, traveling with a son, cycling for 8 days and otherwise having the trip of a lifetime? She notices the language, of course! It’s been so much fun learning the quirks of the English spoken here compared with the Midwest USA. Having lived in England, I knew all about the boot (trunk of a car) the lift (elevator) the school names, public (private) state school (public) etc. What I’ve learned here is “good on you” (good for you, or good job.) Lolly is apparently any type of sugary candy, a flannel is a washcloth, a jumper is a sweater and a bach (pronounced batch) is a small holiday home. But some of my favorite language related finds have been the clever signs we’ve seen- dry humor everywhere, and particularly when a bar or cafe is involved. These are a few...

This was posted on the door of an outhouse on the bike trail. Guess what a “long drop” is!!! ​

I was enticed into two establishments (a pub and a distillery) by their street signs.​ A garden store? Got me right away...

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